Computational Physics

Computational Physics, Simulation & Modeling

The computational physics research in the department encompasses the following areas of nanophysics [Condensed Matter & Materials Physics]: molecules in nanopores, wetting and films, clusters, hydrogen storage, gas separation, nanobubbles on solid surfaces, and optoelectronic materials. In addition, faculty members pursue three-body relativistic scattering calculations, how and why do groups of quarks cluster to become protons or neutrons in nuclei [Nuclear Physics], and [Particles & Fields]. Computational physics projects have also included: black hole formation, atmospheric waves and oscillations, DNA sequencing, cellular electroporation, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetic scattering from rough surfaces [Gravitation, Cosmology & Astrophysics], [Fluid Dynamics] and [Biological Physics].

Researchers in this area:

  1. Marcus A. Alfred
  2. Pratibha Dev
  3. Sugata Chowdhury
  4. Silvina M. Gatica
  5. James V. Lindesay
  6. Prabhakar Misra