Major Concentration: Applied Physics

Applied Physics

These tracks are primarily intended for those students who are not planning to continue in graduate school in physics, astronomy, or a related field. Four tracks are listed below. The student is required to choose their scheme carefully in consultation with a member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Courses other than those listed below (e.g.,courses which are listed as prerequisites to those below) might also qualify.


This track is intended primarily for those students who plan to apply to medical school. Choose any four of the courses below with PHYS 174 required. The student is responsible for determining the requirements for medical school. It is recommended that the student receive advising from a "pre-medical" program, concerning those requirements.

a. PHYS 174 Introduction to Biophysics (3credits)
b. CHEM 141 Organic Chemistry I (3 credits)
c. CHEM 142 Organic Chemistry II (3 credits)
d. CHEM 152 Biochemistry I (3 credits)
e. CHEM 153 Biochemistry II (3 credits)
f. BIOL 101 Biology I (4 credits)
g. BIOL 102 Biology II (4 credits)
h. BIOL 320 Molecular Biology (4 credits)
i. HHPL 102 Human Anatomy (3 credits)
j. HHPL 103 Physiology (3 credits)


This track is intended primarily for those students who plan a career in the computer and/or information sciences. First, choose two of the following introductory level courses:

a. MATH 131 Computer Programming II (3credits)
b. MATH 132 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (3 credits)
c. SYCS 164 Elementary Computing I (3 credits)
d. SYCS 165 Elementary Computing II (3 credits)
e. SYCS 205 Algorithmic Problem Solving (3 credits)
f. SYCS 250 Applied Systems Programming (3 credits)

Second, choose two of the following advance courses, with 154 required.

g. PHYS 154 Introduction to Digital Computer Programming I (3 credits)
h. PHYS 155 Introduction to Digital Computer Programming II (3 credits)
i. SYCS 375 Systems Engineering I (3 credits)
j. SYCS 376 Systems Engineering II (3 credits)
k. SYCS 410 Computer Simulation and Modeling (3 credits)
l. SYCS 472 Systems Management Analysis (3 credits)


This track is intended primarily for those students who plan a career in physics education. Choose four from the courses below, with SEED 001, 029, 110, and 191 highly recommended:

a. SEED 001 Introduction to Teaching (3 credits)
b. SEED 029 Educational Psychology: Learning (3credits)
c. SEED 110 Introduction to Technology &Computers (3 credits)
d. SEED 191 Teaching Science in Urban Secondary Schools (3 credits)
e. SEED 150 Survey and Education of Exceptional Children (3 credits)
f.  SEED 039 Social Foundations of Urban Education (3 credits)
g. SEED 160 Improvement of Reading in Secondary Schools (3 credits)
h. SEED 135 Student Teaching & Classroom Management (9 credits)

All of the above courses are required for teacher certification for grades 7th through 12th and an Undergraduate Secondary Professional Minor from the School of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.


This track is intended for students who plan to pursue a career in astronomy or astrophysics. Required courses are Phys 140, 141, 143, and 145.

a. PHYS 140 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics I (3 credits)
b. PHYS 141 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics II (3 credits)
c. PHYS 143 Observational Astronomy (3 credits)
d. PHYS 145 Modern Astrophysics (3 credits)