Particles and Fields

Particles and Fields

Elementary particle physics studies the most basic building blocks of Nature and their mutual interactions, as well as the immediate structures that they form. Their dynamics is governed by the underlying symmetries and conservations laws that pervade all of physics in some form. These subatomic phenomena easily involve very high energies, as were widely available in the earliest epochs in the history of our Universe, and so ultimately also relate to its evolution as studied in cosmology and astrophysics.This research also involves the development of computational approaches to relativistic and non-relativistic few-body scattering.

Researchers in this field work on cutting edge and fundamental topics within the discipline, including but not limited to:

  1. string theory and its M- and F-theory extensions
  2. supersymmetry and its breaking
  3. geometry and topology of spacetime
  4. quantum field theory
  5. origins and properties of dark matter and dark energy

Researchers in this area [link names to profiles]

  1. Marcus A. Alfred
  2. Tristan Hubsch
  3. James V. Lindesay