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Physics in Action – Master of Science Degree in Medical Physics

The Medical Physics Master's program at Howard University aims to offer a learning platform for African American and under-represented communities. This program introduces fundamental concepts of medical physics, covering topics like diagnostic imaging, radiological medicine, nuclear medicine, and health and radiation physics. Graduate students not only gain academic knowledge but also practical experience through teaching assistantships, research, and clinical skills training.

Aligned with Howard Forward's vision, this cutting-edge program is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from various colors, backgrounds, and cultures. The promotion of under-served individuals is at the heart of Howard's Medical Physics program.

Medical physics student presenting
  • To furnish essential knowledge in the field of medical physics.
  • To stimulate research driven by curiosity, with a focus on advancing precision medicine for our learners.
  • To cultivate opportunities for individuals to operate independently and take leadership roles within both clinical and academic settings