Major Concentration: Professional Physics

Professional Physics

This track is primarily intended for those students who are planning to continue in graduate school in physics, astronomy, or a related field.First, two courses from the following four are required:

a. PHYS 179 Electricity and Magnetism II(3 credits)
b. PHYS 183 Physical Mechanics II (3 credits)
c. PHYS 191 Quantum Physics II (3 credits)
d. PHYS 195 Experimental Physics II (3 credits)

Second,choose any two of the remaining courses, including those from the above group (a-d) that the student has not yet taken. In practice, the student has the choice of any of the 3-credit, 100-level courses offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

e. PHYS 154 Introduction to Digital Computer Programming I (3 credits)
f. PHYS 176 Optics (3 credits)
g. PHYS 180 Electronic Physics I (3 credits)
h. PHYS 192 Introduction to Mathematical Physics I (3 credits)
i. PHYS 193 Introduction to Mathematical Physics II (3 credits)