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Invited Talk:

  • Sugata Chowdhury “Effect of thickness, external magnetic field, and chemical substitution on the quantum phase transition of intrinsic antiferromagnetic MnBi2Se4 and the family of materials” First International Conference on Material Sciences and Applied Physics (ICMSAP-2021) 22nd-24th November 2021, at Department of Physics, Pachhunga University College, Mizoram University, Aizawl, India.
  • Sugata Chowdhury “Modeling the Exotic Quantum States of Intrinsic Magnetic Topological insulators” International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science & Technology (ICETST-2022), L. N. Auditorium ML T College, Saharsa, BNMU , Madhepura, India.

Contributed Talk:

  • S. R. Chitturi, “Studying Disordered Material Dynamics Using a Simulator/Machine Learning Pipeline for X-Ray Speckle Analysis” MRS Spring Meeting, 2022.
  • J. J. Turner, “Fluctuations in Quantum Materials at the Linac Coherent Light Source” MRS Spring Meeting, 2022.
  • C. Jia, “Theoretical Understanding of the Dynamics of Silicon-Vacancy Color Center Dynamics in Nanodiamonds” MRS Spring Meeting, 2022.
  • J. J. Turner, “What everyone should know about Skyrmions” Material Science Dept. seminar, LCLS, 2022.
  • Sugata Chowdhury, “ Effect of Thickness, External Magnetic Field, and Chemical Substitution on the Quantum Phase Transition of Antiferromagnetic MnBi2Se4 and Family of Materials” MRS Spring Meeting 2022.