Instruction of Physics Lab courses going forward

Dear Physics Lab Student:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most Physics Laboratories for PHYS 001, PHYS 002, PHYS 007, PHYS 023, PHYS 024 and PHYS 025 have been transitioned to a hybrid format.


Only PHYS 001 Section 03, PHYS 002 Section 04, PHYS 023 Section 02 and PHYS 024 Section 02 will be fully online courses, all other sections are "hybrid".

"Hybrid Format": Only the first 15 students to make it on time for the lab will be allowed to enter. All others that do not arrive on time will have to complete the labs online.

Note: Being in a face to face lab one week does not guarantee access for future labs. Lab access is contingent on arriving within the specified 15 student limit.

Face to Face Instructions:

The first 15 students to arrive on their scheduled face-to-face lab course will participate in face to face interaction with the laboratory instructor and will submit their reports and work directly to their lab instructor each week. Students that are turned away from the lab due to the 15 student limit will follow the online instructions for that week.

Online Instructions:

In order to do your online lab work, please visit As a reminder, this is where you also find the course syllabus and the laboratory instructions. The links to the Youtube video for the experiment are beside the link to the experiment's instructions.

As you view the video recordings of the experiments, you will take data readings and record them in your lab notebook. After this occurs, your data analysis and interpretation will then proceed as usual. You will email your completed lab report to your assigned Graduate Teaching Assistant for grading.


Office Hours for your lab instructors will be observed face to face on the 4th floor graduate student offices in the Physics Building (Thirkield Hall).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Raul Garcia-Sanchez (Physics Lab Coordinator) at

Please stay safe and healthy.