Medical Physics education at Howard

Medical Physics education at Howard

The Howard Medical Physics program is strategically positioned to cater to African American and underrepresented populations, with the overarching aim of achieving the following objectives for our graduates:

Improving Access to Higher Education - The MS in Medical Physics program seeks to improve access to higher and professional education by eliminating barriers through specialized education, offering financial aid, and providing mentoring and tutoring opportunities.

Encouraging Diversity - A key goal of professional education for Black Americans and other underrepresented groups is to foster diversity in the workplace. The MS program at Howard is committed to building a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the community it serves and creating an inclusive environment for all, regardless of color or ethnicity.

Improving Skills and Knowledge - Through targeted training, professional development initiatives, and academic courses, the MS in Medical Physics program aims to equip Black Americans and underrepresented populations with new skills and knowledge.

Developing Leadership - Inculcating leadership qualities is a pivotal objective of MS education for Black Americans and other underrepresented groups. Through a combination of education and mentorship, we empower our graduates with the confidence and knowledge needed to assume leadership roles in their communities and workplaces.

Social Mobility - Ultimately, by providing equal education opportunities for all minority and underrepresented groups, our goal is to advance social mobility. This involves not only promoting economic and social justice but also creating pathways for individuals to ascend the socioeconomic ladder through education and career growth.