Student Activities

Student Activities

NIST Visit to Howard University

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) houses a dedicated Radioactivity Group, instrumental in shaping measurement science and technology. This group focuses on developing and maintaining standards for radioactivity measurements – Becquerel (Bq), ensuring precision and consistency in determining radioactivity levels. By providing calibration services for instruments used in radioactivity measurements, NIST supports laboratories and industries in aligning their measurements with established standards. The group engages in research and innovation to advance the understanding of radioactivity, contributing to more accurate measurement methods.

NIST's Radioactivity Group plays a crucial role in supporting various industries, regulatory agencies, and research institutions by offering expertise, guidance, and services related to radioactivity measurements. Through the establishment and dissemination of reliable standards, the group contributes to the safety of nuclear technologies, medical applications, and environmental monitoring. Visit NIST website -

During a visit in October 2023, students and faculty from the Howard medical physics program explored opportunities for collaboration with the NIST Radioactivity Group in Gaithersburg, MD. NIST scientists briefed them on ongoing research, fostering potential mutual collaboration between the Med-Physics students and the NIST team.

Howard Medical Physics students at NIST with Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald briefed on True-Becquerel Project-
Howard Medical Physics students at NIST with Dr. Ileana Pazos briefed on Photonic Dosimetry project that aims to develop micron-scaled radiation sensors.